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Bryan Bowen
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Herbalism, Nutrition and Wellness Education in The Bay Area.

Health Care for All   My commitment is to offer health care to those in need and to dedicate my practice to the diversity of needs in the community.  My goal is offer local, creative and affordable health care where no one will be turned away.

Science and Tradition  While some healthcare practitioners may advocate one side or the other, there are advantages to considering both scientific and traditional approaches in clinical practice.  Blending science and tradition is truly holistic and combines major advances in evidence-based medicine, physiology, pathophysiology and healing theories with (sometimes) centuries-old empirical, constitutional and historical approaches to healing (Ayurveda, four humors, TCM).  My goal is to use whatever works for your specific situation.

People’s medicine  Humans have coevolved with plants, whose innate complex chemistry communicates directly with our body’s physiology.  Herbs are our historical medicine and have been used for thousands of years.  People grew plants in their yard to use as a medicine chest.  Self care, and growing and making your own medicine is people’s medicine.  I can help you identify locally sourced medicines or even help you start your old herbal garden.

Oneness  Herbalism offers a unique opportunity to support people with physical, emotional and spiritual challenges.  At the core of my philosophy is recognizing that the mind and body are intertwined in health.  Imbalance in any system, whether mind or body, influences the whole body.  I will work with you to restore the balance you once may have had or achieve a balance you’ve never experienced.

Food as medicine  We are what we eat -- what we eat dictates our health and often our mental state.  Foods rich phytochemicals (antioxidants, flavonoids, anthocyanadins) promote wellness.  Whole foods, fruits, veggies and grains, closest to their natural state, support whole body health. I will recommend foods that aid rather than work against wellness.

Weight affects (way) more than beauty  Dieting has become an obsessive feature of our culture.  Still, the harsh reality is that, if you are excessively overweight, overwhelming evidence indicates that it is bad for your health and morale, and can undermine a fully engaged life.  I use a holistic approach to diet working with food, movement, stress and metabolism to achieve your goals.

Body is wise  The body is adaptive, changing and does the best it can to restore balance.  Vitalism, Qi, Prana are traditional views of the vital force guiding us toward wellness.  I work with guiding and nudging the innate vital forces in the body.  Sometimes small adjustments can lead to big results.